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 The purpose of the Evansville Education Foundation, Inc. (EEF) is to raise, receive and disburse funds, property and gifts for the benefit of the Evansville Community School District’s students, staff and related organizations.  Like other education foundations across the country, we are supplementing funds provided by federal and state government.  Due to funding cuts to education in recent years, at both the state and federal levels, this mission has become even more important.

We believe that those who have benefited from the education they received in the Evansville Community School District, the alumni, will best understand the need to support the school district.  Therefore, we are asking for your financial support.

In reviewing the Gifts and Contributions page, you will see that there are many ways for you to give to the Foundation.   In whatever way you decide to give, whether it is immediate or near term, or whether it is planned giving, your support of the Foundation is very much appreciated. 

Thank you.