Grants and Programs

Each of our grants and endowment funds has a special purpose. Read on to learn more!

Wish List Grants

The Wish List provides teachers with grants for innovative, educational materials and programs that aren’t normally covered by the district budget. Past examples include: flexible seating, robotics kits, and wellness training.

Excellence in Education Endowment Fund

Teachers, principals, and other staff can apply for grants from the Excellence in Education endowment fund, which provides an ongoing source of funding for innovative education in the school district. Not sure whether your grant application should be for the Wish List or Excellence in Education? No problem, we’ll get it to the right one for you.

Kids First Grants

Through Kids First, the EEF provides each school with discretionary funds for students in need. Teachers and other staff can use the funds when they see that a student needs help affording a field trip, a winter hat, shoes, or anything else.

Theresa Doyle-Meidinger STEM Endowment Fund

This endowment fund provides an ongoing source of support specifically for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs and materials. It’s named for retired teacher Theresa Doyle-Meidinger, who served the school district for twenty years as a Resource Teacher for Advanced Learners and a Reading Specialist. She was a constant advocate, always challenging and encouraging kids to do their best. She also helped establish the chess club, robotics club, and science clubs in grades 3-8, Science Olympiad in the middle school and high school, and the math team and robotics team in the high school.

Academic Club Grants

Academic Club grants provide for materials, trip costs, entry fees, and other programming for clubs related to academic pursuits — which often don’t receive the same attention as athletics and other extra-curriculars — such as Future Problem Solvers, science club, and math team.